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Ultimate Steel Deck Weighbridge


This type of weighbridge is best used in applications where steel is the preferred material as it can handle high volumes with less downtime.

This is the ultimate in design, superior structure and enhanced features.

The Ultimate Steel Deck is capable of 100 weighings a day, and is especially rugged to allow for heavy and continuous use. The aim of the bridge is to minimize downtime and increase efficiency.

The bridge is designed with electronic diagnostics which aid operation and troubleshooting. As an option we are able to provide digital load cells and a true digital indicator making the Ultimate weighbridge a market leader in self-diagnostics and ease of service reporting. The system will show you exactly which load cell is at fault.


The bridge is equipped with standard analogue load cells that can be plugged in and plugged out to make the replacement of faulty load cells simple.
The bridge is of a heavy duty design (80 ton) although in terms of legislation it can only be verified up to 60 ton. This is to allow it to take the punishment of exceptionally heavy traffic.
Load cells and electronics are sourced from Flintec GMBH and are of the highest German quality and design.
The load cells have built in lightning protection.
The bridge comes standard as an above ground weighbridge but can be pit mounted if required.
Supplied with Titan software.
Verified as legal for trade.

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