Our motto in business is “doing things the old school way”. Honesty, integrity, loyalty and good service define our business ethics.


SVG Legal Services has been a trusted corporate debt collection company for over the past 10 years. That decade of insights has been successfully grown thanks to the experience our team brings to the table, with over 100 combined years of expertise in collections.

We work to maintain integrity, loyalty, and great service in everything we do, which forms the core part of our business ethics.

We believe in facilitating trust, not just between us and our clients, but between our clients and their debtors as well..


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We handle all areas of collection to facilitate effective cashflow for our clients. These services include corporate debt collection, credit reports, legal actions, black listings, tracking and tracing, liquidation, and sequestrations as well as private investigations and forensic services.


Business 30-40 years ago was done on a handshake as the parties involved could trust each other. Unfortunately, today these types of businesses are few and far between. As they would say in Afrikaans, “Dit is so skaars soos hoendertande”.

We are one of these Companies, that once you entrust us with your business, you can feel at ease, your matter/s is in good hands. But do not take our word for it, should you decide to use our services, we will gladly supply you with a list of clients, who have been using our services for more than 3 years already.


If you would like to know more about our corporate debt collection company and the specialised services that we have on offer, be sure to get into contact with a representative from SVG Legal Services today. If you would like further information about our various services, feel free to continue browsing our website for details.


Our motto in business is “doing things the old school way”. Honesty, integrity, loyalty and good service define our business ethics.

We specialize in Corporate Debt Collections and not consumer debt. Corporate debt is where either a product or service was rendered between entities. Our fee is on a “no success” no fee basis.

There are different modules for credit reports. It depends on what the client wants to ascertain. These modules can be accessed for example, tracing or credit scoring. Example: Scan Investigation – All details on a Company, Directors, Bank Code etc.

Should we not be able to recover the account handed over to us for collection, all the merits of the case will be looked at, and discussed with yourselves, in order to determine if we will proceed with Legal Action or if you must write off the amount as bad debt. No time will be wasted on throwing good money after bad money.

Blacklistings for businesses will be done on your instruction, if or when a debtor does not pay his outstanding account, and there is no queries or disputes relating to the amount outstanding. (Please note, as per the new National Credit Act, blacklisting can only be done where there is a signed credit application, and a (20)day registered letter was forwarded to the domicilium address on the credit application, with no response received after the said period.

Tracings will be done on your instruction via Trans Union Credit Bureau.


Corporate Investigations
Theft and Fraud in your company
Missing Persons
Family investigations
Vehicle and personal tracking
Lie detection (Polygraph)
Sweeping for hidden cameras and bugs
Supply of spy cameras
Lifestyle investigations
Income investigations
Cheating partner
Murder investigations
Tender investigations
Lazy Rep investigations/surveillance
Aviation investigations
Undercover agents/Syndicate infiltration
Identity theft investigation 


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